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    13-15 January 1999 at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain)


    Organizing Committee:

      General Chairman: James L. Crowley (I.N.P. Grenoble, France)  
      Program Chairman: Henrik Christensen (KTH, Sweden)  
      Publication Chair: Claus Andersen (Univ. Aalborg, Denmark)  
      Local Chair: Jorge Cabrera (Univ. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain)  

    Programme Committee:

      Claus Anderssen, (Univ. Aalborg, Denmark)  
      Ruzena Bajcsy, (Univ. Pensilvania, USA)  
      Aaron Bobick, (MIT, USA)  
      Kevin Bowyer, (Univ. South Florida, USA)  
      Chris Brown, (Univ. Rochester, USA)  
      Jorge Cabrera, (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Henrik Christensen, (KTH, Sweden).  
      Patrick Courtney, (Visual Automation, England)  
      James L. Crowley, (I.N.P. Grenoble, France)  
      Ernst Dickmanns, (Univ. BW Munich, Germany)  
      Rudiger Dillmann, (Univ. Karlsruhe, Germany)  
      Bruce Draper, (Univ. Colorado, USA)  
      Jan-Olof Eklundh, (KTH, Sweden)  
      Robert Fisher, (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)  
      Catherine Garbay, (TIMC-IMAG, France)  
      Erik Granum, (Univ. Aalborg, Denmark)  
      Domingo Guinea, (IAI-CSIC, Spain)  
      Mario Hernandez, (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Hirochika Inoue, (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)  
      David Kortenkamp, (JSC-NASA, USA)  
      Kurt Konolige, (SRI, USA)  
      Claus Madsen, (Univ. Aalborg, Denmark)  
      Ehud Rivlin, (Technion Inst., Israel)  
      Giulio Sandini, (Univ. Genova, Italy)  
      Bernt Schiele, (MIT, USA)  
      Chris Taylor, (Univ. Manchester, UK)  
      Mohan Trivedi, (Univ. California San Diego, USA)  
      John Tsotsos, (Univ. Toronto, Canada)  
      David Vernon, (Maynooth College, Ireland)  
      Jose Santos Victor, (IST Lisbon, Portugal)  
      Thierry Vieville, (INRIA, France)  
      Jordi Vitria, (CVC-UAB, Spain)  

    Local Committee:

      Domingo Benítez-Díaz (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Jorge Cabrera-Gámez (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Modesto Castrillón-Santana (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Antonio Carlos Domínguez-Brito (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Antonio Falcón-Martel (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Cayetano Guerra-Artal (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Daniel Hernández-Sosa (ULPGC, Spain)  
      F. Mario Hernández-Tejera (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Josep Isern-González (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Javier Lorenzo-Navarro (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Juan Mendez-Rodríguez (ULPGC, Spain)  
      Irael Pérez-Pérez (ULPGC, Spain)  


    By vision systems we refer to fully integrated (and operational) systems. There has been a lot of research on component technologies as described in standard vision conferences like ICCV, ECCV, and CVPR. It is, however, characteristic that very little has been reported on fully INTEGRATED systems. Integration of component technologies requires not only vision techniques, but also understanding of fundamental concepts from basic computer science (like scheduling and planning), methods for handling of uncertainty, control theory (for interactive systems), etc. This conference focuses on methods and concepts for construction of fully integrated systems.


    The conference solicits papers on the following topics
      - System architectures   
      - Methods for system synthesis and verification   
      - Active Vision systems   
      - Control of perception and attention   
      - Knowledge/system representation   
      - Multi-Agent systems and coordination   
      - Context modeling   
      - Cue integration   
      - Prototype systems   
      - Performance characterization & benchmarking


Official call for papers: January 5, 1998.
Second call for papers: March 15, 1998.
Submission of full papers: May 30, 1998. * NOW CLOSED *
Notification of acceptance: August 15, 1998.
Delivery of full accepted papers: September 30, 1998.
Conference: January 13-15, 1999.


    Four copies of papers of up to 20 pages (11 pt font, double spaced, including figures) should be sent in hardcopy so as to arrive at the address:

      Centre for Autonomous Systems
      Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan
      S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
      ATT: ICVS

    prior to the submission deadline. (Acceptance is now closed)

    For last minute submissions, contributions can be uploaded to the FTP site in the sub directory CVAP/users/hic/ICVS. Please, note that files cannot be removed afterwards and authors are REQUIRED to send an email ( to notify their electronic submission. Only POSTCRIPT files will be accepted. If a file does not print in the first attempt, authors will be notified through email to fix the problem.


    The papers from the conference will be published as volume in the Computer Science series. A special journal issue will also be published with selected papers from the conference. 


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